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1. Building Shared Values, 2. Values in Organisations - Assignment Example

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According to Viinamäki (2012), the main reason organizations seek to set up a share value system is to enhance competitiveness and improve the health status of members of the community within the surrounding region. Most people confuse share value system with cooperate social…
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1. Building Shared Values, 2. Values in Organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Every organizational leader must be responsible in ensuring that an organization achieves its value within a dynamic environment in a timely manner that is beneficial to both the society and the company itself (Fleisher& Blenkhorn, 2003). Therefore, several strategies have been designed to match the values with the organizational requirements towards the realization of better returns. The main strategies are as follows
Integration is the first step in building share value to the organization. It entails addressing the concern about the need for value based organization, the expected benefits and what is required of the organizational leaders to build up such values (Fleisher& Blenkhorn, 2003). According to the concept of integration, organizational values should commence on changing the society into the organizational concepts for a clear transition of both material and freedom values. As a human resource manager, one should consider incorporating organizational culture and values through the transition system because it helps in reinforcing the security customs (Viinamäki, 2012).
The above stage calls for a critical understanding of the organizational culture as an important source of the organizational ethics thus the need to endorse good morals into the organizational. Since culture and values are distinct concepts, human resource manager is, therefore, responsible for modeling the behavior of the members through provision of policies and practices that reinforces trust towards the organizational success. The above strategy requires leaders to demonstrate values and morals as part of the organizational commitment (Viinamäki, 2012, Shockley et al. 2010)).
Majority of the organizational leaders’ tend to view the value rhetorically and with very minimal factual consideration. With respect to the above, leaders should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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