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Religious diversity in the US public agencies - Term Paper Example

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Diversity is one of the most commendable aspects that can occur in a place of work because it enables people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions can interact and learn a lot from one another. Over the years, there have been questions about religious diversity in…
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Religious diversity in the US public agencies
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Download file to see previous pages It is because of such situations that the American government has worked towards ensuring that the various instances of religious discrimination are identified and dealt with appropriately so that all people in the workplace can be able to conduct their activities in an environment where there is no fear of being treated differently because of their religion (Marsden 1990, p.45). Moreover, individuals such as Dalia Mogahed have worked tirelessly to ensure that there is an understanding of the Muslim faith in the western world, especially in the United States so that there can be more interaction between people of other religions and Muslims instead of isolation based on stereotypes.
Dalia Mogahed, through her organization Mogahed Consulting has worked to ensure that there is a better understanding of Muslims, their culture, and their aspirations so that a more positive light of Muslims can be developed on the global arena (Schultz & Harvey, 2010).. Mogahed Consulting realizes that many individuals in the western world believe that it is Muslims who are largely responsible for many of the problems in the world such as the rise in terrorism. This perception became even more prevalent after the 9/11 attacks when the stereotype of Muslims as potential terrorists became hardened. This perception was even transferred to the workplace, where Muslims were treated differently and at times with fear because some believed that they were all potential terrorists (Paulson, 2008). Moreover, there were and continue to be instances where Muslims become victims of discrimination in a manner where it is hard for them to gain employment that they apply for because of their religious beliefs. Mogahed Consulting helps in the dispersal of these stereotypes so that a better perception of Muslims all over the world can be seen where Muslims are not considered to be the cause of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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