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HRA335; Mod. 8 - Case Study- Hiring FBI Agents - Essay Example

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The method of multiple hurdles approach in recruitment and selection generally refers to a process in which applicant(s) for a particular post should successfully pass each assessment hurdle in order to continue in the process. According to this particular selection process, the…
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HRA335; Mod. 8 - Case Study- Hiring FBI Agents
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Download file to see previous pages The implementation of multiple hurdle approach is most pertinent when the training activities are considerably long and expensive owing to various types of complexities (Smith & Angie, 2011).
In relation to the selection procedures in FBI, the implementation of an effective set of multiple hurdle approach can be considered as an effective technique to select and recruit appropriate as well as flawless applicants for the agent posts. With reference to case, it has been observed that the recruitment and selection of agents in FBI validates a series of assessment methods while making any hiring decisions. In this regard, the implementation of an effective multiple hurdle approach will enable the department to recruit successfully, as the job roles of the agent involves various types of uncertain situations associated with different criminal activities (Phillips & Gully, 2012).
However, the implementation of the approach also identified to pose certain limitations, as applicants might not qualify in each step of the assessment consecutively. The lengthy process in the assessment approach may lead to create negative attitude and behavioral characteristics of applicants due to a number of hurdles in the selection process.
The selection technique in the multiple hurdle assessment approach tends to involve a wide number of assessment activities. The primary objectives of the selection approach is to clearly identify the capability of applicants in terms of managing capabilities or their ability to make effective decisions concerning various types of uncertain situations. In this regard, the approach involves multiple phases in selection procedure prior to make final hiring decisions of the applicants for any specified job roles (Smith & Angie, 2011).
According to the observation of the case, it can be ascertained that the selection process in FBI involves a number of stages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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