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HRA340: Training Project, Part 2 (MOD 4) - Essay Example

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has been experiencing human capital problems for a while. It was noted that the firm was experiencing high employee turnover. Employee turnover is a complex and multifaceted concept. If it is not addressed properly, it negatively impacts on the…
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HRA340: Training Project, Part 2 (MOD 4)
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Download file to see previous pages The training program is aimed at motivating employees, reduce employee turnover and provide new knowledge and skills both for new recruits and older employees. Once the training program will be over, the trainees will be able to search customers, communicate with them and close the deal.
The training program will be categorised basing on the length of work experience the employees have worked at Binz. This means that the new staff will be trained separately from the older employees, even though in some sessions the training program will incorporate all the employees.
Majority of the young employees have embraced the use of technology. As a result, the training program will incorporate projectors and slides, along with smartphones so as to increase participation and interaction between the trainer and the trainees.
The employees will have to report to their respective workstations as usual, but will have to attend to the training intermittently throughout the week. The new workers will be attending on Mondays and Thursdays, while the older employees will be coming on Tuesdays. The overall training for both sets of workers will be done fortnightly on Wednesdays.
For the new recruits a significant amount of time and effort will be spent on bringing them up to speed with the basics, for example, transaction flow, product information, company’s values and goals, bankcard history, charge-backs, interchange, and competitors, in addition to the general overview of both the marketplace and workplace.
About product training, the older employees will have their training program designed to address individual product mix. On the other hand, for the new staff, they will be provided with user guides on the product.
Training materials will comprise of the following: role play exercises, workbooks, pens, VCR, self-study tutorials, and presentations using power-point along with printed documents. These materials will enhance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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