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 This essay "Organizational Training and Development; Core Values in McDonald’s USA"analyses training of workforce as a business tool. Training is conducted to ensure that employees are sponsored by the employers. Integrity and ethics play a role in their training programs. …
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Organizational Training and Development; Core Values in McDonalds USA
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Download file to see previous pages The employees who are recruited are of high integrity and are always ready to follow the code of ethics of the organization thus making it possible for the company to be ranked in position five.
The training functions support the organizational strategies. For example, through training, the employee’s performance is improved thus the McDonald’s USA, LLC business goals are achieved. Time and money which are limited resources have to be effectively allocated so training is conducted thus targets and objective of the company are achieved. Since problems in the McDonald’s USA, LLC are unpredictable, training is conducted when the need arises and this is done beyond classrooms, instead, work experience and web-based training is conducted (Noe 2013). The use of job experience and web-based training helps McDonald’s USA, LLC to solve problems quickly. Through the use of knowledge-based, McDonald’s use mentoring programs, chat rooms, and job experience to make sure that the company succeeds in its business practices.
Since McDonald’s USA, LLC Company does not use classroom mode of training, like its competitors, it has achieved a competitive position in the industry. Rather McDonald’s USA, LLC usually use knowledge developed through job experience. Interactions in the company are allowed where one can gather information from one department to another between the employees thus making it impossible for other companies to imitate McDonald’s strategies. The use of knowledge developed through job experience and interactions between the employees provide a competitive advantage of the company where it makes it impossible for other companies to imitate thus remaining in the market for a long period without strong competitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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