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Recruitment Memorandum - Essay Example

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The paper “Recruitment Memorandum” looks at various issues surrounding employment and recruitment processes in the city. Two main issues are of concern: the disparity in gender and the racial misrepresentation in the fire department…
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Recruitment Memorandum
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"Recruitment Memorandum"

Download file to see previous pages A great majority of the fire fighters are male and white, mainly with an Italian or Irish descent. The recruitment process did not favor the minorities who had poor quality education; they were usually given essay-based tests, which they performed poorly. Another flaw that was evident in the process was insufficient advertising for the available positions; it was usually done through a word of mouth through the preexisting staff.
Various aspects of the recruitment process presented lack of credibility in the recruitment process. Firstly, racial discrimination is quite evident; it is ethical and legal to give all people a fair chance in a recruitment process. However, even if the minority group is incapable of competing effectively with the dominant race, special provisions should be set for them. The current situation in the firefighting department demonstrates racism of high order. This may mean that the unrepresented races may feel insecure and may have no confidence with the services offered by the department. Secondly, the gender discrimination is a major issue that requires attention. The view that almost all the employees are male creates an impression that women are incapable of firefighting, which is not true. A special consideration should be made to incorporate women especially in areas that do not involve much use of muscle power. Thirdly, the administration of exams as the only selection criteria does not meet the threshold of identify who can serve the firefighting department best, other strategies are required. Finally, the advertisement of the vacancies is not well done. When it is only done through the word of mouth, it means a limited group of people will get the opportunity to get the information. It is obvious that the most targeted will be the relatives and friends to the existing staff members.
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Recruitment Memorandum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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