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Critical evaluation of the mechanisms by which the line-manager encourages employee buy-in ( case study) - Essay Example

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Accordingly, the following analysis will be concentric upon discussing some of the employee engagement approaches that Great Pharmaceuticals can utilise as a…
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Critical evaluation of the mechanisms by which the line-manager encourages employee buy-in ( case study)
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"Critical evaluation of the mechanisms by which the line-manager encourages employee buy-in ( case study)"

Download file to see previous pages h, a primary recommendation that could be given to Great Pharmaceuticals is that it seek to actively involve the employees in whatever changes it seeks to make. The underlying rational behind this is that those employees that are involved in creating a change will likely work more effectively to see such a change effectively engaged; as compared to those employees that are merely told to enact a given change (Paco & Nave, 2013). As has been noted throughout the course lectures, the degree of involvement that is exhibited by a firm has a direct correlation to the degree of loyalty that the stakeholders will likely exhibit in the future (De Oliveira et al., 2013). With loyalty maximized, it stands to reason that whatever change is prescribed will likely experience a much stronger chance of overall success as compared to an alternative strategy being utilized (Christ et al., 2012).
Many firms contract other firms to provide high priced assessments of potential means by which efficiency could be maximized; however, the fact of the matter is that many of these prescriptions for change are oftentimes available free of charge at the base organizational level. As such, Great Pharmaceuticals should be aware of the fact that they have an invaluable resource of subject matter expertise at their disposal in the rank and file of their own employees. By engaging these assets and encouraging them to relate their own ideas, the firm could easily come up with new and insightful means by which leadership could craft a path ahead (Kupka et al., 2009). Once again, this works hand in glove with the recommendation for involvement. By leveraging these resources and encouraging the stakeholders to provide a level of intellectual engagement, the degree and extent to which these employees will be likely to support the future direction of the firm will be increased. Moreover, even if the course of action is not agreed upon by all, these stakeholders will come to appreciate the fact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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