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The paper describes the major tool for problem-solving. It is the process of contributing a variety of ideas by the concerned parties with the major objective of solving a problem. For an effective and efficient process to take place, it is fundament to incorporate the aspect of creative and broad thinking…
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An Effective Brainstorming Process
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Download file to see previous pages In an on job scenario, the brainstorming process would be applied in solving leadership wrangle within the organization. The company's management team would come up with diverse ideas concerning the problem facing the management and tries to come with a suitable solution. That is, in matters concerning the topmost position in the management hierarchy all the concern parties should contribute their points of view in regard to the qualities that need to be considered while selecting the suitable person for the post (Sinha and Sinha 2009). Another common problem that arises in an on the job situation is the issue on the process of performance appraisal. For instance, it requires a team or panel to determine or decides suitable criteria to be adopted while appraising the employees. In other terms, they devise and determine the demerit on which an employee should be accorded or subjected to any form of appraisal or appreciation for high performance (Dubrin, 2009). Group work and teamwork has a disadvantage of pre-mature judgment during the decision-making process. This is because some group members have a perception that the situation is competitive. For instance, in a given situation there arise behaviour that drains and destroys the group’s creative energy. In most cases, members with diverse ideas perceive disagreement hence affecting their self-esteem, which in turn results in the sabotage of other people’s ideas (Dubrin, 2009). Another major disadvantage of group works is the idea of member opting to conform to their own consensus. Conformity arises in situations whereby certain members in a group want to be more respected and valued. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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