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Response to classmates - Coursework Example

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I agree with you because most people seek job satisfaction, which is proved through employee performance appraisals (Clarke, 2011). However, you did not state the exact mechanism that the…
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Response to classmates
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Download file to see previous pages Ensuring employee retention is desirable as it reduces the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training employees (Janovsky, 2009). You, however, did not actually answer the question requiring explaining of the responsibilities of director personnel. I think you meant to say that the director personnel works to minimize turnover costs and ensure hiring of skilled and experienced workers in order to maintain the company’s competitive advantage.
I also think that Otto needs to review the current appraisal process, implement a preferred process, and train employees about its use. I do not find any relevance in the first part of the question requiring department directors’ responsibilities. The second part is relevant as it proposes periodic reviews and notifications to employees prior to evaluations. Notifying employees about appraisals enables them to prepare lists of their attributes before the evaluation date (Clarke, 2011).
Hiring the right people whose objectives rhyme with those of the organization is one of the best ways of curbing employee turnover (Xiaoyan & Erhua, 2013). I agree with you that other aspects such as proper training, competitive compensation package, and creating a conducive work environment are critical for employee retention. The factors that motivate employees are the primary requirements for encouraging employees to continue serving a company for a long time (Clarke, 2011).
You argued that the rate of turnover can be reduced if employees are satisfied with the appraisal form. I think you wanted to emphasize on the both the content of the form and the process of appraisal; however, you concentrated on the process of appraisal that uses electronic form. The content of the appraisal form should cover several attributes to ensure that employees find at least where to fit in. The personnel manager should investigate whether all employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Response to Classmates Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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