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The interview was like a personal approach to the client considering the fact that the issue in question was not as serious to require formal setting. The interview was conducted after the client was not satisfied with the behavior portrayed by her roommate. The approach to…
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Download file to see previous pages In the arrangement she does all the chores around the house which makes her fill feel as she owns a daughter. My client is a full time student which limits the time she has to attend to the requirements of her roommate. She also has no time whatsoever to rest on her free time as the responsibility makes her perform poorly in her studies. She wraps up the interview by pointing out that she is angry and cannot continue with the arrangement.
. In addition, considering the type of problem she was undergoing it was appropriate for them to fell more embraced rather than queried. I first used clarification at the start of my interview. The client described her problems to me: ″ living with my roommate makes me feel like mum which I do not appreciate ″.
The client mentioned she had problems with her roommate. To get a more clear response, I asked her what type of problem (Edgar & Geare 34)… What do you mean by problem...? From this question, the client was provided with an opportunity to provide a narration of the problem she had with her roommate.
In summarizing the verbal interview, I asked her if the current situation and all she experienced made her unhappy. I also paraphrased her words to get a more clear response… you think all the work makes you unhappy… I inquired if she considered that her roommate was unfair to her after she mentioned it in her story. By paraphrasing the client was able to summarize in a sentence the general mood of the situation with her roommate.
I was also able to make her reflect on the real situation… are you nervous while doing the work… I asked her if she felt nervous while she was doing house work. The response was made through an honest feeling. By describing her feeling she was able to enlighten me on whether or not she was comfortable with the arrangement or not.
During the interview the body language was very significant. For this reason, I posed as relaxed and open as I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Checkout Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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