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My Light and Shadows - Essay Example

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The competitive nature of the current global economic environment has resulted in the use of several strategies, means and policies in achieving competitive advantage. White (1978) actually laments that the quest for companies to gain market dominance and become global leaders…
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My Light and Shadows
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Download file to see previous pages have blamed the existence of unethical practices in the global market place to the fact that there are no universal standards for doing business because standards and ethics vary from place to place (Balkundi and Harrison, 2006). This paper therefore discusses the place of biblical principles for businesses and tries to find the place of these biblical principles in becoming universal standards for doing business.
Comparing the guidelines offered by Caux Round Table and White’s Biblical principles, there are some similarities and differences that can be realized, especially using the logic variables presented in the two contexts such as purpose, questions posed, inferences, and conclusions made by the two writers. For example, it can be realized that in both contexts, there is a realization of a higher force and a smaller force. In the instance of the Caux Round Table, the employee is the smaller force who is bounded by the interests of the employer, stakeholders, the market, and the business environment. For the employee to gain favor in the sight of the higher force, there are key principles that must be followed in relation to these higher forces (CRT, 2010). In terms of White’s Biblical principles, similar scenarios are created between worshippers and deities. Regardless of this similarity, there are key differences that are noticed. In terms of implications that the two writers create, we read about Caux, focusing on the need for the business oriented person to follow specific ethics for the purpose of achieving business growth and a conclusion that brings about self gratification. In contrast to what is implied by White’s Biblical principles, the follower of rules and ethics is expected to do so not specifically for any personal gratification purposes but as a way of pleasing the maker and achieving a reward that is not of the present world but the world that is yet to come.
Relating White’s five principles to that of Caux Round Table, there are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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