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This agenda is framed not only for the expansion and growth of the organization but also for the improvement of the working of the employees. The HRD requires the efforts of a large…
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Human Resources Development Human Resources Development HRD is the agenda which is used by an organization for the development of anoptimal workforce. This agenda is framed not only for the expansion and growth of the organization but also for the improvement of the working of the employees. The HRD requires the efforts of a large number of HRD professionals who work together for providing training to the employees according to the demands of their career and thus they improve the performance of an organization at its roots.
I find the role of the Training and Development Specialist in the HRD field to be very interesting and important for an organization. This is because it is his duty to properly train the employees for the development of their skills and also for the improvement of their performance which has an overall impact on an organizations progress. The three competencies which are possessed by the Training and Development specialist include effective communication skills, good leadership qualities as well as being approachable so that the employees can contact them without hesitancy.
The HRD forms the skeleton of an organization as the effectiveness and the output of the employees is thoroughly based on it. This is because it handles the employment as well as the training of the workforce. Read More
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HRD 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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