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The Cultural Diversity and its Impact on the Organization - Case Study Example

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This essay discusses that many organizations have today embraced the role of cultural diversity and its impact on the organization. Consequently, culture does influence the human resource management within these organizations. However, many organizations give low importance to culture…
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The Cultural Diversity and its Impact on the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, each organization had developed its cultural practices, but now they have to make amendments that will make them compatible. This means that the human resource management ought to be firm in managing the culture of the company. Most importantly, the department must determine the culture and study that culture (Symes 2011, 47). Moreover, there are cultural differences between the merging and the acquired company. This could be issues like how each organization measures or defines their success, working terms, insurance, benefits for the employees, form or mode of management, the attitude of the employees, how they handled the problems and the functions conducted by the managers as they operated the company’s functions (Symes 2011, 48). Therefore, this paper focuses on indicating that human resource has a role to manage the culture of organizations that merge or in the acquisition.
It is known that when the merger or acquisition of an organization fails, the blame is usually placed on the culture. Interestingly, culture shock could lead to failure where there is lack of effective human resource management (Gitelson et al. 2000, 105). It even gets worse when the merge includes two or more organizations from different countries. Arguably, the conflicts arise many times when the purchasing organization that made the initial move make deals and offers around finances. Additionally, the human resource department forms the larger company acquire some benefits that will help establish the problem. For example, insurance covers and pension plans that will cause a significant amount on the organization. Besides, the company needs to know or agree on the offers it will make after the merger or acquisition. However, when the major issues are to be addressed wisely, the combination can lead to an effective organization.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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