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Theoretical and Conceptual Framework - Assignment Example

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In the article, Clarkson (1996) utilized a conceptual framework to examine therapeutic relationships. His mention of theoretical framework in the concluding parts of the research, however, confusing, shows that theoretical framework provides the basis upon which conceptual framework is developed. …
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Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
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"Theoretical and Conceptual Framework"

Download file to see previous pages The article is an epitome of how theoretical framework supports conceptual framework when conducting a qualitative research. The author uses conceptual framework to explore and exhibit the correlation between variables in his study. This is particularly evident in his ethnographic approach in conducting the qualitative analysis. The author’s choice for conceptual framework for the study was particularly appropriate because it provides the means to explore specific relationship between study variables. The conceptual framework enables the author of the article to develop a crucial concept that allows him to incorporate essentials fields in his study. Employee involvement is one of the major success or failure determinants in any organization, public or private (Berman et al., 2009).The success of public offices revolves around the empowerment of employees and how well this power is oriented towards attaining the goals and objectives of the organization. Employee involvement refers to the process of authorizing employees to participate actively in the decision-making process of the organization and improving organizational processes within their scope (Bolden, Gosling, Marturano & Dennison, 2003). Employee involvement greatly influence hiring and promotion process in Public Agencies by ensuring that the agencies only employ people who are fit to hold vacant position. Employees can be used as referrals during recruitment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...of nursing and the Orem self-care deficit model developed by Dorothea Orem and also a conceptual approach that nursing profession and education needs to have as their basic ethos, the values of equality and transparent communication (Masters, 2011; Hartweg, 1991). I have integrated these two theoretical frameworks because the Roy model has a patient-centered approach that anchors itself on the patient's adaptive abilities and the Orem model on the other hand focuses on the role of the nursing practitioner, by saying that it is the role of the nurse to address the self-care deficits of the patient (Masters, 2011; Hartweg, 1991). In this manner, these two frameworks...
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...Qualitative Research Methods Qualitative Research Methods According to Maxwell (2007), Conceptual framework acts as a guide to the main things that have been presented in a research study, which is either represented in a narrative form or graphical form. It seeks to outline the key factors, concepts, facts and variables. The conceptual framework has a clear guide on the specific direction the research will be undertaken and seeks to outline the key factors, concepts, facts and variables. A theoretical framework on the other hand, according to Anfara (2006) involves arguments, definitions of terms used in the text that are presented in a systematic manner and address the problem in question directly. It provides clear and general... of...
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...Conceptual framework Theoretical or Conceptual Framework In qualitative studies, the conceptual framework illustrates the ideas from the literature that grounds the research being conducted. This is embodied on the determination of an appropriate theory that will illustrate the concepts under study in a subjective manner. Theories are general knowledge bodies that help in explaining and predicting a phenomenon and showing how the study will be related to the existing knowledge. This study is informed by the Disruptive Innovation Theory. This is a theory that was coined by Clayton M. Christensen in the year 1995 (Ekekwe &...
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