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A Culture of Collaboration among the Community Members - Case Study Example

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The reporter states that a learning organization is one that believes in the ability of its people changing and becoming more productive in the organization. For change to take place there must be an open communication and a culture of collaboration among the community members…
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A Culture of Collaboration among the Community Members
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Download file to see previous pages There are five disciplines of learning in an organization. The first is the personal mastery this is individual learning; no organization can learn until the members start to learn. One must define what he or she is trying to achieve (Easterby 2001). In the case example, when Charlotte was 27 years old she had an idea for a weekly magazine. Being a journalist, she had the right knowledge on how to run the business. She defined what she was trying to achieve and provided the first discipline of learning to the organization she was going to form. By approaching the businesspersons, she had seen how close she was to her goal, which was to start a weekly magazine (Teri 2000).
Anyone who came to work in the organization was young, and mostly just out of college. Under the leadership of Ifeoma and Charlotte, they became a hard-working group with everyone unleashing the creative energy in them. The group became a committed and hard working group that was determined to change what was called the “staid face” of journalism in their country (Teri 2000).
The second discipline is the mental model. This is one’s way of examining the universe and must be accurate in the espoused theory and the theory that is in use. What one says should correspond with what the individual does (Easterby 2001). The controversial and thought-provoking stories that were run by the magazine; were run with the writers playing the devil’s advocate. These stories corresponded with the magazine's goals and objectives, which were to shape the social trends among the youth. Judging from the feedback, they got from these stories they had succeeded. The organization had aligned what they were working to achieve with what they did on a daily basis, and this created the foundation for tier success (Teri 2000). 
For any team to be successful then it, the team must have several characteristics. The team must have a clear and elevating goal; the goal of the team in the case study was to shape the social trends among the youth (Easterby 2001). The team must have a result driven structure, in the case study the magazine depended on the responses that they got from running their stories in the form of the number of magazines that they sold.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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