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Organizational Communication and Culture - Case Study Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that culture plays a significant role in defining how organizational communication takes place. Based on the cultural norms and expectations within the organization, the organizational communication is developed…
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Organizational Communication and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will analyze the case study by defining the communication problems faced by Cassie Donners while working on the Cruise, providing a possible solution to the problems and recommending the most effective one.
Cassie and other female staff on the cruise ship were harassed, they were not defined exactly what they were supposed to get paid for. Furthermore, there were closed communication channels on the cruise ship and employees cannot voice against any of the work-related issues. The failures in communication within the case stem from the fact that there is a destructive work culture within the organization. Moreover, issues like how employees have to continue and control their emotions, and where emotion labor and emotion management is extremely important. For instance, Cassie had to participate in various games that were sexually blatant even though she hated the games, and thus had to control her emotions and not express her disgust.
2. The cross-cultural interaction on the Cruise Ship: The employees may not have realized that some interaction is primarily culture based and not discriminatory or derogatory in nature. For example, when Italian men passed sexual innuendo based comments to Cassie, she was offended, whereas, this is primarily a cultural element pertaining to Italy (Krauss and Deutsch; Nannette).
3. The abusive working environment is another reason that might have caused the communication problem. For example, Tim, the cruise director, was yelling and shouting at Cassie for her unexpected work performance at the “Balloon game”.
4. In addition, the company values play a critical role in the way it treats its employees. In this case, the company’s values are customer satisfaction through maximum benefits provided to them. As a result, the female employees had to undergo unspecified tasks which included sexual harassment. The company is least concerned about its employee’s emotions and feelings as it can find its desired female employees in abundance. Furthermore, the female employees on the cruise ship work without any specified job descriptions but they managed their emotions to ensure that they do not hurt the norms of the organization to eventually be terminated from the job. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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