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The Job Fair: Recruiter and Candidate Tips - Essay Example

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This paper describes perspectives based on a magazine article published in Tech Republic, entitled “Get the most from your efforts at tech job fairs”. The modern job fair is characterized by many different activities and processes designed to lure the best talent for the job being promoted. …
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The Job Fair: Recruiter and Candidate Tips
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According to one business professional, “job fairs offer an opportunity to reach interviewing terminal velocity—the highest possible number of prospects in the shortest possible amount of time” (Barill, 2007). This suggests that the initial job fair set-up should be completely congruent with the expectation of seeing as many candidates as possible, thus keeping the booth or kiosk simple with a clearly-illustrated series of signs to show process for meeting candidates. Issues of proper time scheduling for each expected candidate, as well as determining the expected volumes of candidates who might inquire about the business, will determine whether the job fair needs to be fully staffed or whether it can be managed by a minimal recruiting crew. (This is from a labor cost savings standpoint).
Recruiters should always present themselves in a professional manner, in the type of dress which would be considered appropriate for their specific business variety. This will show the interested candidates the type of organizational climate (culture) which exists at the firm and the type of dress which would be required of the position. Additionally, recruiters should recognize that over half of all job fair attendees are only “window shopping” and are really not specifically interested in changing careers (Barill). Thus it is important for the recruiter to try to make a personal connection with each inquiring candidate to make a positive, long-lasting impression. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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