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A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that race-based human bondage was not unfamiliar to the Americans right from the very beginning. Moreover, the historical context of slavery helps us understand the formation of slavery in the New World…
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A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America
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Extract of sample "A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America"

Download file to see previous pages African slaves contributed to the economic production in the Near and Middle East. Africans were very much submissive as slaves. According to historians millions of people have been taken to Western Hemisphere as slaves. A good amount of slaves died in the journey. Slaves were compelled to work on plantations, especially sugar plantations. Europeans motive of sugar cultivation caused a good portion of trans-Atlantic slave trade apart from their craze for tobacco cultivation and cotton cloth production. Venetians and Genoese gathered slaves from the Black Sea region to find workforce for their Mediterranean sugar plantations. Slave population also constituted white people who were Georgians, Tatars, Bulgarians etc. Slaves were transported from Africa to work in gold mines and sugar plantations. Miserable African slaves worked in the sugar plantations of Brazil. They were exploited to the most, making a heavy mortality rate. More and more slaves were imported from Africa and put to work in sugarcane plantations. England colonized West Indies and they attempted to set up export industries for crops like tobacco, cocoa, cotton, coffee and indigo. West Indian sugar islands like Barbados produced tobacco that gave substantial profits to the planters. For Chesapeake region and other areas, the labor for the tobacco industry was given by servants and prisoners. Indentured servants were taken from the lowest levels of the society. The West Indian sugar industry made use of African slaves than indentured servants. The sugar consumed in England was the cost of lives of slaves who were thrown to extreme labor and death. Barbadians and other English West Indians prepared rum from molasses as they realized that it is of great demand in England and other North American mainland colonies. Sugar, rum and molasses production made major changes in the North American colonies. The triangular trade resulted in the transportation of slaves from West Africa to the West Indies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America Admission/Application Essay)
A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America Admission/Application Essay.
“A System of Racial Slavery Created in British North America Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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