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Why Nomadic People Developed Complex Civilization - Essay Example

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Nomads were people who were known for moving from one place to another instead of settling in one region for long. Nomads’ movements were periodical usually influenced by economic conditions of their location when these conditions were not favoring them in their present locations. …
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Why Nomadic People Developed Complex Civilization
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"Why Nomadic People Developed Complex Civilization"

Download file to see previous pages They would move to a place that they considered economically better than their current situation (Goldin et al 120). There were three categories of Nomadic people, hunters and gatherers, pastoral, and wandering Nomads. Hunters and gatherers nomads were communities moving from one location to another in search of wild meat, fruits, and vegetables. Pastoral nomads’ movement were influenced by the availability of water and pastures for their cattle, they were settling in places with good pasture for their animals, and when pastures and water were exhausted in these locations, they would move to another location with greener pasture and water.
On account of their movement and interaction with various communities, modern day civilization was born that led to the development of different economic empires and rise of military structure. Another of factors made nomadic people settle, build and develop complex civilization. Firstly, the development of new methods agriculture as time passes by made nomads to settle in one place because there was a way to control drought through irrigating their land. Also, through improved irrigation system, pastoralist were able to store enough water for their animals and at the same time irrigate land reserved for pasture so that they do not run animal feeds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Nomadic People Developed Complex Civilization Essay.
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