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Karma-Yoga - Essay Example

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Karma is action and Yoga is the means or the state (Chinmayananda 3). Thus, Karma yoga is a spiritual practice in that actions gets used as the way of achieving either liberation or self-transformation by escaping from the impacts of actions. …
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Download file to see previous pages The action path proposed in Bhagavad-Gita teaches someone how to remain in the world, doing their duties and still get qualification for the spiritual life. It is in contrary to the common opinion that people should go to the forest, renounce their worldly belongings, away from the community like a cave and do meditation or tapas to achieve self-realization.
According to Hindu, Karma operates both in a lifetime and across lifetimes; the actions results may only get experienced after the life in the present. Virtuous or good actions, harmony actions with dharma, will get good responses or reactions while bad actions, those that are against dharma will get the opposite consequences.

Krishna explains that actions bind people to their subject and impact them to their karma. Though, it does not mean that non-action or inaction is a solution to karma problem. It is clear that none of the actions, non-action, wrong action and right action, give individuals freedom by renouncing work or abstaining from work. It is because one cannot remain inactive as the gunas drive each one helplessly in performing actions physically and mentally. Right action is when one who know the truth about functions and qualities of their functions, understanding gunas as senses and tend to move between them as the sense-objects. A wrong action is when a person deluded by egoism describes the Self with the mind, body, the senses, and life-forces, ascribing to the Self every body’s attributes and the senses (Sargeant 5). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Karma-Yoga Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Karma-Yoga Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Karma-Yoga Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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...?Dr. Bert Strange Religion 201-W05 Chandra Nelson 25 September Karma Karma is referred to as the results from someone’s actions. The results come naturally without the influence of any human being. In most cases, karma is associated with punishing people with bad behavior. According to Danny many people believe that karma is the only just action in the whole universe (34). However, some people do not believe in the existence of karma, and they believe their deeds are only judged by a deity. The original concept of karma was developed in India. It is an origin of ancient India used by religions. These religions included Hindu, Buddhist and...
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...Yoga The elegant simpli of yoga makes it one of the easiest spiritual practices to learn, and one of the most difficult to master. The goal ofyoga is to reach a state of "balance, purity, wisdom, and peacefulness" as a method of reaching one's true self without the distractions that invade our spirit (Fisher and Bailey 80). Four basic types of yoga have been described, each tailored to the individual personality of the practitioner. To understand yoga, you must understand the raja, the jnana, the karma, and bhakti disciplines of the ancient Indian religious practice. Raja yoga, believed to be the oldest method, is a deep meditative state...
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...Understanding Karma and Western Viewpoints For many years, karma has been defined as a concept which only evolved in the Hinduism. According to the clarification regarding Karma in Hinduism is that actions which may be being noted in the present are fully in reaction to the past actions. Herein, there come two distinctive conditions that discuss that the actions of reactions could take place in reply of some good as well as bad deed. This made it evident that the reincarnated beings will be only come back to life when they have been able to do something which is acceptable. This paper aims to understand the concept of karma. Furthermore, the paper will undertake a...
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...Karma Yoga Introduction Most individuals have pondered over the thought of getting happiness through various methods in this world. While doing so some have pursued the goal of moneymaking, others have gone beyond to usher in the era of self-esteem and pride. However, after acquiring such material goals, the human being feels a sense of emptiness again, as the person realizes that this does not lead to the ultimate happiness. Accordingly, Indian ways of spirituality have defined different paths of life that lead the person to the goal of attaining pure happiness and peace, although many find it alluring. This paper shall discuss briefly the universal paths prescribed by different Indian sacred scriptures...
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...What is karma and how does it work? Well, basically it is based on the principle that every action you do influencesyour life. If you do something good, it adds to your good karma while if you do something bad, it adds to your bad karma. In the end it all has an effect on your life and fate in the future. The idea comes from India and is closely connected with the belief in rebirth. In Indiaб people still believe that depending on your karma you can be reborn as a more successful or a less successful person. They think that you influence your karma not only with bad or good actions but also with intents. Nowadays, some people believe in...
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