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How each culture/time period utilized specific conventions of representation and a method of delivering them - Essay Example

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Since all these cultures were similar in characteristics therefore their style of art can be grouped together. The art forms of ancient Mesopotamia today exist…
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How each culture/time period utilized specific conventions of representation and a method of delivering them
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Extract of sample "How each culture/time period utilized specific conventions of representation and a method of delivering them"

Download file to see previous pages The art objects were principally used for religious purposes with painting and sculptures being the main manifestations. The most common material used was clay since it was available in abundance. Since religion beliefs dominated the art form in Sumerian culture, therefore there was significant discipline and order in sculptures. Gods were considered as extremely powerful entities and were considered as having all the characteristics of human beings. The Mesopotamians believed that gods could engage in sexual intercourse, and they had emotions and feelings like humans. Gods could also feel hungry for food and thirsty for water as well as they needed places to reside. Although Gods were both in male and female forms, except Inanna every other principle god was of male form. However, Gods were treated as immortal beings unlike humans and were regarded as controller of the astral entities like sun, moon and stars (“Mesopotamian Deities”). There were many gods and goddesses that worshipped by the Sumerians and each of their formed distinct art form. There was Anu who was considered as the god of the sky (Kleiner, 34). He is regarded as an authoritative figure that makes decisions and even allots duties to other gods. He is depicted wearing a horned crown which indicates his supreme power. Most of the early temples in Mesopotamia were dedicated to this god like the White Temple at Uruk. Uruk was one of the earliest forms of urban civilization in the fertile valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Being liberates from the occupation of agriculture, the city of Uruk focused mostly on art and cultural activities. In Uruk, the main god of worship was Anu, and many temples were built as dedication to this god. However, most of the temples were restricted for access, and so the temples could be seen from specially created mountainous and stepped platforms called ziggurats. The white temple was built on a ziggurat which had a height ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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