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Compulsory Reading: Stargardt, Final Solution File - Assignment Example

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The nature in which data is retrieved would determine the authenticity and accuracy of give data. In Stargardt (2001) account, he raises the question of the Jewish holocaust and the Nazi perception. The author focuses on the…
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Compulsory Reading: Stargardt, Final Solution File
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"Compulsory Reading: Stargardt, Final Solution File"

Download file to see previous pages The author acknowledges the fact that survivors’ testimony has been integrated in the data collection. The public has been treated by the overall perception of the holocaust however according to the author there is more than what meet the eye. Stargardt (2001) indicates the visual evidence taken by perpetrators as a source of historical evince. The author focuses on the historical data and the German attitude to ascertain the concepts of the holocaust and Jewish forced emigration.
The author links the holocaust to a number of reasons. A number of historians according to Stargardt (2001) place Hitler as the center of the holocaust. It is during his regime that the mass execution took place. These group of scientist links Hitler’s personal principles as the reason as to why the killings took place. The Nazi leader was able to marshal other members to kill the Jewish Germans on grounds that they posses different threats to the political and social settings of the indigenous population. The other group of historians links the killing to the whole Nazi setup rather that an individual and the leadership. The Nazi population developed a given attitude towards the Jewish population hence enhancing the execution. The expulsion of the Jewish population from government appointments made the execution take place.
The holocaust had major players. These parties where essential in planning and executing of the Jewish during the holocaust. The article highlights the major components in the ‘Final solution’. The author categorizes these players into two groups. Those high in the leadership hierarchy and the ordinary groups were the two major classification highlighted by Stargardt. The ordinary group performed the killing at the local level. The group included the police and police reservist. High up the hierarchy was the leadership structure of the Nazi. Hitler played a center role in the planning and execution of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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