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History of the nazi holocaust - take home midterm - Essay Example

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Social Darwinism was employed in the last half of the 19th century up to the first half of 20 century. Its main use was to justify the aims of laissez-faire capitalism, control of immigration and colonialism. In Nazism in Germany its effects was the worst since it was used by…
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History of the nazi holocaust - take home midterm
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"History of the nazi holocaust - take home midterm"

Download file to see previous pages 2. The Sturmabteilung (SA) served as the original paramilitary wing for the Nazi party in Germany. This paramilitary wing played a key role in the rise of Hilter and Nazi party into leadership. The main work of the SA was to protect from attack the rallies that were organized by Nazi party. The SA was also tasked with disrupting meetings and rallies that were organized by other political parties that were opposed to Nazi as well as fighting the paramilitary units of the opposing parties. All this actions were key in Nazis ascension to power.
3. Mein Kampf was a book that is believed to have been written by one of Hitler’s scribes through dictation by Hitler. The book forms the manifesto of Hitler. It provides insight of how he plans to rule Germany and how Germans are a superior race compared to others. The proclamation of German as a superior race and his ambition as shown in the book to unite all German speaking states to one great German made the book to be popular among Germans as that made them love and elect Hitler to power. The book ha however, been rebuked in other parts of the word for its racism.
4. The Reichstag fire occurred on February 27th 1933. The Reichstag building was where parliament of Germany was and was therefore was destroyed by fire. The event together with the events following it gave the Nazi government control since most of the other opposing parties which were the communists and social democratic party were executed following the fire. The execution was done since it was suspected that they had started the fire. This provided a real majority for the Nazi party since they now comfortably took control of the government unlike initially where they were not sure of control if the two parties combined.
5. The Anti-Jewish Boycott took place in April 1, 1933, Hitler’s government called on Germans to stop buying from Jewish shops or even visiting professional officers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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