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How were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X different in their attitudes to the United States and its political traditions How were they similar - Essay Example

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Since the era of colonization in the 15th to 19th Century by European countries over the Americans, Asians and Africans, numerous cases of discrimination emerged over those colonized. During the era of modernization, many Africans slaves were transported to different continents…
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How were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X different in their attitudes to the United States and its political traditions How were they similar
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"How were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X different in their attitudes to the United States and its political traditions How were they similar"

Download file to see previous pages In America for instance, throughout the United States, there were numerous activism activities, especially by the black Americans in the early 19th Century, who felt segregated from getting an equal share politically, socially, and economically in the American soil. In this case, the essay evaluates approaches that were used by activist, Malcolm X and Martin Ruther King in the early 19th Century within the United States.
Among the African Americans, there were numerous issues that were viewed as unacceptable to the American culture. This included the acts of discrimination on the basis of color, in the political arena, socially and in equal distribution of wealth among the whites and the black Americans leading to Montgomery Bus Boycott (Jo Ann, 1987, p. 44). In other cases, there were accusations against the police using force on the black Americans. Through numerous activists such as Malcolm X, there were efforts to change such situations by advocating for equality through different activist organizations formed by the black Americans. In 1964, there was an achievement by such groups when a law on civil rights was signed by President Lyndon Johnsons in presence of activist Martin Luther King, Jr. by the passing of the civil rights law, this promoted equality among all the Americans whether black or white.
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. were both black American activists born and brought up in the United States in the early in 19th Century. Their contributions toward black America activism were exclusive, and their impacts are felt to date in the American soil. Their activism efforts, though, were different as they both used different approaches towards their activism activities. Malcolm X, for instance, based his activism activities on the Islam teachings, while Martin Luther King, Jr. based his activism activities on Christianity.
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