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The True Place of Confucianism in Everyday Life - Essay Example

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Sometimes referred to as Ruism, Confucianism, as the name portray is both an ethical and philosophical structure invented by one of the Chinese philosophers known as Confucius (Creel 46). Synonymous and a larger component of the Chinese history, this system gradually developed…
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The True Place of Confucianism in Everyday Life
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"The True Place of Confucianism in Everyday Life"

Download file to see previous pages Even so, Confucianism was gradually growing, and various communities accepted it so quickly in what would later turn out as an almost complete takeover from Legalism. Prior to this though, Confucianism was temporarily faced out by Buddhism and Taoism, which turned out to be more dominant at the time. This temporal shake was so violent that, when Confucianism returned later, it had to develop using the models of the two doctrines. The Confucianism then was baptised ‘neo-Confucianism’ which comprised of Buddhism and Taoism. It is neo-Confucianism that came to later take over the society and become the foundation for imperial exams, as well as the central philosophy of the scholar-official class.
So succinct yet so intensive, Confucianism acted as some constitution to the Chinese at that time. Following closely and abiding strictly by the doctrines contained within, Ruism was a major determinant in pre-1949 Chinese’s life. The first role of this system was to define the relationship between men and women. Right from creation according to Christians, the relationship between men and women was lucid; women were to revere and worked under the supervision of men. Conversely world over, women are regarded as subjects to men. Similarly, Confucianism contained the guidelines with women viewed as a lesser sex. Precisely, Confucianism contained strong dictation of women’s subordination to men, worse yet; the doctrines indicated that women are not allowed to work. For instance, women were considered as ‘yin’ and men were seen as ‘yang’. By nature, ‘yin’ was soft, tranquil and passive while ‘yang’ was by every dimension, an opposite of the latter; being regarded hard and dominating. Unfortunately, this was the basis of the present-day level of gender-related discrimination witnessed in China.
Secondly, it is in Confucianism that the Chinese found their religious consolations. Apparently a range of temples were built throughout China, Beijing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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