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The history of graphic design can be traced from the origin of the word graphics that has its roots in the Greek word, Graphikos that means “able to paint or draw”. However, William Addison Dwiggins, an American designer, was the first coil the term “graphic design.” He…
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, it received wide recognition and application in Europe in the 1960s (Landa 84). This was nearly 60 years after the graphic design profession had been established. Despite receiving different reception in different eras globally, graphic design has become a universal communication and problem solving platform using visual space and images. The difference between art and design is that art strives to elucidate various ideas about the human condition whereas designed seeks to communicate information in the most effective manner (Mullet and Sano 9).
Visual design and communication usually employ images and space that sometimes only have national understanding and appreciation while others often have international or global appreciation and effect. Therefore, this essay aims at analyzing how different graphic designs and graphic designers have managed to create balance in the visual communication aspects. The essay also seeks to reveal various areas and examples where numerical balance is represented all around the world as well as different forms of numerical representations.
There are five principles of design namely rhythm, proportion, dominance, unity and most importantly, balance. Balance refers to the manner in which the design elements in a composition are arranged and how they relate to each other to depict the overall composition. Balance can be defined as a condition in which various elements are equivalent and similar or are in the correct proportions. Various elements in a composition have different weights because of differences in color, shape, size and positioning. If the composition is poorly balanced, the entire composition fails to appeal to the eyes of potential viewers. However, a graphic designer needs to ensure all aspects of the design elements are well positioned, and well aligned to create a successful design.
Balance can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Generally, symmetrical balance refers to a scenarios in which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Balance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2.
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