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The title is from a Chinese cliché, which says of a concealing potency from the world. The story is about a Green Destine sword, which is 400-years old, as…
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Download file to see previous pages By stealing the sword, Jade Fox a woman who is acquainted with Wudang skills is accused of stealing it, though she only stole it to show her kung fu martial arts are better. However, the film also presents in a complete elaborate details of all the levels of life, love and life. Through Jens, the real life and the real life situations that occur in the daily life, we find Jen portraying the same effect (Seto, Lu, and Ming).
Li mu bai is not only an accomplished swordsman but also a martial artist and a main character in the film. He has a sword, The Green Destiny Sword, which is a renowned sword due to its superiority in a fight as well as its grace. The sword has been for about 400-years of which it has some special powers. His artistic martial arts were at a high level and he had practiced in the Wudan School of sword fighting which is well known throughout China. Unfortunate for him, he has been trying all through to find the person who murdered his master, whom Jade Fox had killed. This being his target mission was for him to complete his destined life, and all that he goes through, the training, the fights and all the obstructions that he has faced in his life are solely related to the special sword. He fails to find the person and he is tired of the continuous fighting of search where he resorts to rest and live the ways of a warrior. It is then that he decides to hand over the sword to Yu Shu Lien so that she could deliver it and present it like a gift to one of their friends known as Sir Te. Li Mu Bai explains that the sword has or holds too much memories of his past and thus his wish is to retire in peace. However, it li mu bai loves Shu lien and that is not deniable because both have feelings for each other though they never acknowledge it or act it out (Seto, Lu, and Ming).
Shu-lien is as wudan expert and a martial artist. She was married to Meng, the classmate to Mu bai and who was murdered in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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