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Compare and contrast the political and economical rights of the free working class in the united states during the 1780s with the 1830s - Essay Example

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In the United States, these rights have undergone major transformation over the years. Major transitions rights were experienced in between 1780 and 1830. According to Kornblith, in these years,…
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Compare and contrast the political and economical rights of the free working class in the united states during the 1780s with the 1830s
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"Compare and contrast the political and economical rights of the free working class in the united states during the 1780s with the 1830s"

Download file to see previous pages In this same the period, the capitalist mode of production appeared. Many of the workers were not happy, giving rise to the first strike. The journeymen organized the first rule to govern their rights “rule of the game” and this is what made them prosper. Here it is evident that the first political and economic rights were oppressing the workers a lot but there have been numerous changes, which gave the workers (artisans) more power.i
The bill of rights has several amendments that help to streamline the coexistence of the people and the laws. Amendment V1 gives a suspect the right to remain silent in an absence of their lawyers. The suspect has the chance to enjoy fast and fair trial publicly, and have their witnesses to testify in favor of them. Amendment 1 gives the people the right to worship anywhere, freedom of expression even the freedom to question the government performance. Amendment V 111 does not allow extortion of people in the court of law or by the police when giving out fines or bails. The amendment also protects the prisoners from severe punishments. Amendment 11 allows people to own licensed firearms. For economic development to prosper there is the need for security for people to be in a conducive environment. All these amendments are to ensure that there is a protection of the citizen’s rights both economically and politically. ii
Marcus Rediker states that in between 1770 to 1830, labor was turned to be a commodity that the workers would display to the masters, giving rise to a centralized mode of agriculture. Centralization of agriculture came with right fewer proletarians. The unruliness displayed by the proletarians made a sailor wonder “but a pair of good hands and a stout heart to recommend him?” The laborers had no rights and thereby were mistreated. In this period, only the rich alone enjoyed political and economic rights. The communal practice that was common among the Native Americans was killed by capitalism, and it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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