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They do not merely sit around and wait to just carry out one for of business and expect to make it big. Most of the large companies deal with retail, wholesale as well as distribution of…
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Download file to see previous pages This is an indication that the big businesses are more positive towards taking more risks in the business and this is what has made them get bigger and bigger than when they started.
Being a big business is defined by the number of employees that are hired in the business overall. The more the employees, the larger the organization will be (Porter 78). Big businesses however deal with tens of thousands of employees nationally and globally combined. They have these huge industries and companies that demand attention of a lot of employees from the CEO down to the subordinate staff who are also in plenty. Since these companies are handling both onshore and offshore businesses, and a lot of accounts and customers of their many different products, they have run smoothly and very effectively and this is possible only through working with many employees to handle different aspects of the business.
There are employees needed to bring in customers through different marketing strategies. Before products are marketed, they need to be manufactured which means this process of obtaining the raw products and chemicals demand more employees as well. After the manufacturing and marketing, there will be needed workers to sell transport the products to the retail stores and wholesale stores as well as well as take them the products themselves. All these employees need to be paid as well and in case of further expansion, more employees will be needed and hence continuing the growth of the business.
Big businesses have more investments and trade more in stocks of the companies they have invested in. They invest in many different companies and in different markets and industries in order to distribute the risks as well as ensure that they continue growing their profits and especially with the current industry that is growing the most. The large organizations have invested in the automation, energy, accounting, inventory and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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