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Motives for European expansion in Africa in the 19th Century - Essay Example

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This essay describes that the 19th century was characterized by rapid European expansion and imperialism into Africa. Britain led the way among major European powers. The rapid expansion into Africa was driven by economic and political motives by the European powers…
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Motives for European expansion in Africa in the 19th Century
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"Motives for European expansion in Africa in the 19th Century"

Download file to see previous pages The reliance of these nations on raw materials for industries damaged the balance of trade forcing the countries to seek other sources of raw materials and cheap labor. Competition from newly industrialized nations such as Germany forced other European countries to seek expansion into Africa. Europe started by establishing trading relations with African leaders and encouraged the rulers to trade exclusively with them and not any other nation. At first, the European traders had no interest expanding into the interior of Africa. The partnership was such that the African rulers had assured them of a constant supply of slaves from the interior. However, the rapid expansion of industries in Europe made the colonialists look for more supply of raw materials and cheap slave labor from Africa. The European industries and economy depended particularly on West Africa for development. The palm oil developed from Africa was in high demand as an industrial oil in Europe. There was greed among the Europeans for greater profits and economic growth. The greed meant intensifying and increasing industrial production that meant expanding deeper and deeper into Africa. European conquest of Africa was majorly driven by economic motives and the desire to increase economic growth back in Europe. The Europeans realized that by conquering Africa, they could secure a very cheap supply of raw materials hence success and overall economic prosperity at home. The economic conditions in Europe in the 19th century fueled the scramble for Africa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Motives for European Expansion in Africa in the 19th Century Essay.
“Motives for European Expansion in Africa in the 19th Century Essay”, n.d.
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