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How the Burma Military Became a Reflection of the British Colonial Government - Assignment Example

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 This essay focuses on the era of British colonial government brought a transformation from the traditional expression of enmity to a civilized war-involving mood. The colonial rule had brought with them a huge change in political geography, demographics and political landscape changes…
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How the Burma Military Became a Reflection of the British Colonial Government
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"How the Burma Military Became a Reflection of the British Colonial Government"

Download file to see previous pages After the British government had left Burma, Frustrations due to the inability to come up with clear resolutions of numerous problems that had long been standing were clearly manifested in outbreaks of army post-independence. Due to this, the military of Burma engaged itself in suppressing several rebellions from ethnic groups since the country’s independence.
After a decade of democracy in the country, the military took over following a political crisis. The army seized total control of the nation afterward. Since then the army has been ruling the country through a council of revolution by a decree. The people of Burma were facing similar situations they faced during the British colonial era under the military leadership. The economic collapse of the country, frustration in the political arena, poor leadership from the military and poor education state drove anger and bad attitude thereby leading to Burma uprising.
Following the period of post-colonialism in Burma, the political crisis drove the military to take over the countries leadership. Burma has been under military leadership for a very long time. The military has been unwilling to recognize any traditional minority religious rights. Its agenda was to have a united Buddhist country that has one culture and language. This policy reduced the autonomy of the ethnic groups. In addition, several people were put in detention for trying to spearhead Burmanisation including Aung Su Kyi. The detention without trial was used as a tool to silence the opposition leaders and ultimately the public for any thought of an uprising-taking place. In addition, the military has been responding harshly to crash out the juntas but not focusing to any of their political demands.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How the Burma Military Became a Reflection of the British Colonial Assignment.
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