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The Unredeemed Captive - Essay Example

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She was the daughter of John Williams, a prominent Puritan minister, and Eunice Mather. She was an English colonialist and was captured by French and Mohawks warriors in 1704 in a raid masterminded by…
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The Unredeemed Captive
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"The Unredeemed Captive"

Download file to see previous pages Young as she was, she was taken to Canada along with other 100 captives from Deerfield. The raid was later named the Deerfield Massacre. The story of Eunice reveals the experiences of New England including how the colonial events impacted the Indians, English, and French or colonists both negatively and positively.
Eunice, a daughter of a crucial person, was captured by French soldiers to be used in a part exchange deal. The raid was organized by the governor of New France, who wanted to rescue a British captive named Capt. Pierre Baptiste. Captain had attacked British ships on the Atlantic Coast on behalf of the French authorities. In an attempt to save the captain, the New French decided to capture an important British prisoner. French authorities obtained Eunice in order to get the captain from the British authorities. Capturing the daughter to one of the powerful and influential people in England was an effective and logical that would prompt the English authorities to negotiate with the French.
Eunice’s captivity had an adverse impact on the people of Deerfield. According to Haefeli and Sweeney, they had lost a daughter to their prominent minister and some of their populations. They grieved and were in sorrow.2 In an attempt to free his daughter, John Williams tried to convince the French authorities to release her daughter, but his attempts proved futile. To add to that, Eunice, after being fully assimilated into the Indian culture, decided to stay away from home. Her decision was followed by numerous futile attempts by both his brother and father to convince her to come home. Consequently, her refusal to go back home became the primary source of her family’s misery. Apart from Eunice, several young Deerfield captives never returned to their families, but instead joined either the French authorities or the Native American society.
The captivity of Eunice had a positive impact on the Indian people. They were overjoyed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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