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Describing the American system of slavery - Essay Example

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Slavery emerged during the colonial period and was used as a mechanism to weaken the colonized nations. The slaves went through horrible lifestyles under the hands of the colonial masters. Actually,…
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Describing the American system of slavery
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"Describing the American system of slavery"

Download file to see previous pages In order to exemplify on the various factors of slavery, it is imperative to focus on two points of view. The purpose for this project is to investigate the things that can be learnt from Jefferson’s and Jacob’s sentiments on the issue of slavery.
Several things can be learnt about slavery from Jefferson’s point of view. For instance, the core aim of having slaves was to exploit them in all spheres of life, that is, economically, politically and socially (Jefferson and Nicholas, 493). Slaves were used to clear vast tracts of land and do all other activities pertaining farming. Unfortunately, they never benefited from any proceeds from farming. Most slaves were blacks and the whites had negative feeling towards them. The whites viewed the blacks as a desperate and inferior race that had no future. In fact, the whites saw very many features that differentiated them from the blacks, for instance, body, color, complexion, hair and many others.
The blacks were preferred since they were less prone to diseases compared to the whites or other races. The blacks were brave and could work for long hours without getting tired. In addition, the blacks were considered stronger than other races and, therefore, could engage in hard labor without much complains. Some white scholars argue that the blacks have the same memory as that of the whites but when it comes to thinking and imaginations, they are very inferior. The whites believe that the blacks have hundreds of miles to cover as far as the music and entertainment industries are concerned. Their creativity and ability to harmonize different melodies to produce rich contents are yet to improve.
The slaves are associated with all evil activates including theft and prostitution. Some whites argue that, due to the poverty experienced in most African countries, the incidents of theft among Africans must remain high. During ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Describing the American System of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Describing the American System of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Describing the American System of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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