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Analytical Assignment 1: Thorstein Veblens The Theory of the Leisure Class - Essay Example

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The theory of the leisure class can be termed as an economic treatise that explores and critiques the element of “conspicuous consumptions” as a function of consumerism in the social-class. Conspicuous consumption includes involvement in leisure activities not adding up to…
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Analytical Assignment 1: Thorstein Veblens The Theory of the Leisure Class
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"Analytical Assignment 1: Thorstein Veblens The Theory of the Leisure Class"

Download file to see previous pages Material productivity according to the theory is essential for the economic development of any society and should be devoid of economically wasteful activities.
Various elements of the society are perceived as essential in creating a working society and an economic system capable of sustaining the individuals living within the society. Involvement in hedonistic activities is something that could be detrimental to a society, economically. The theory identifies the involvement of leisure activities as associated to the upper class within any society. The lower and middle class of people within the economic system rarely get involved in hedonistic activities (33). The element of conspicuous leisure is one of the fundamental aspects that can be utilised in determining the existing difference between people of different social classes.
The economically productive activities that people engage in within the society are also defined by the social class of the various individuals. Manual labour within the economic systems is an exclusive occupation of the lower class of people within the society. The individuals in the higher class within the society are normally exempt from the manual labour and the society does not expect them to perform (3). Employment opportunities available within the economic systems are rigidly defined, limiting the people from performing any job available. This form of exemption from useful employment according to class, results in the people engaging in conspicuous consumptions and leisure.
Within the context of the theory, economic differentiations have created an exemption of a certain category of individuals from labour. The hedonistic elements of life present within the social classes are perceived as being influenced by British aristocracy and the theory considers this to be un-American. Economic development according to the theory was a matter of technological and industrial arts as opposed to labour. This meant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analytical Assignment 1: Thorstein Veblens The Theory of the Leisure Essay.
“Analytical Assignment 1: Thorstein Veblens The Theory of the Leisure Essay”, n.d.
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