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A 750 words short about france revolution - Essay Example

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The role of the committee was to ensure that the economy of the state remains stable. This occurred through the implementation of effective policies that led to a strong army. The army…
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A 750 words short essay about france revolution
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"A 750 words short about france revolution"

Download file to see previous pages In contrast, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens provides that everyone be entitled to their opinion. They should not find any disturbance, provided they maintain public order. In addition, Robespierre made comparisons of terror to other principles of the society. Such principles included justice and promptness in the achievement of democracy. According to him, there was an urgency in the application of democracy and the use of terror could lead to the production of the virtues of democracy. The declaration provides the prohibition of injurious actions to the society and that only the law stipulates the requirements of the actions of the society.
In my opinion, I disagree with Robespierre that the terror was necessary. This is because he provoked and assumed the strong beliefs and feelings of the people, in relation to their rights. It was wrong for the Robespierre to make terror a government policy for the achievement of political goals. In today’s world, governments are putting efforts to ensure the elimination of terror. I consider the status of the French revolution as a terrorist act, where the government is the mastermind of the terror attack. Robespierre himself was a lawyer and his job entailed the protection of the constitution. He knew that it was a criminal offense to take action to a criminal through mob violence. Therefore, the use of terror was due to fear on his part in the achievement of the governments’ goals. The majority will always have their way in the society. The people of France had become indifferent to the revolution. This is because it involved military conscription and the use of threats to the people, in a bid to change their lifestyle. The use of terror was an unfortunate event to the people who were hostile to the revolution. It is in order for the relevant authorities to take wrong doers to court, where they receive judgment. Robespierre actions on the use of terror are not justifiable, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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