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Catholic England under Mary Tudor - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the research paper "Catholic England under Mary Tudor" is to analyze the attitude of the author to the religious policy held by Mary Tudor and provide the evidence for this theory.The facts, provided in Duffy’s book, help the reader to achieve a better understanding of Mary Tudor’s regime …
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Catholic England under Mary Tudor
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"Catholic England under Mary Tudor"

Download file to see previous pages Eamon Duffy clearly posits that the Marian regime’s religious policies were effective and did not use violence differently to ensure her state policies than other English or European monarchs. In the book, the author states “I suggest that the Marian restoration of Catholicism had, in fact, displayed high levels of determination and resourcefulness…” The author concentrates the attention on the religious ideology of Catholics, which was under the threat of extinction. Duffy explains that the religious revolution was initially predetermined by the financial reasons. The country managed to fall into deep debts and was in a very uncertain position. In the situation of the mass disorders, it was very easy to hide the intentions of the government, whose aim was to fulfill their recourses. To prove this idea, Duffy writes “in 1552, Edward’s government, desperate for war funds, had turned this religiously inspired repudiation of Catholic externals into a fiscal resource, and had carried through the largest government confiscation of local property in English history.” In this case, it becomes obvious that the reasons for religious revolution were not based on pure belief. Edward’s government ransacking Church property to raise money and Mary’s decision making. Mary was forced to be strict and firm at taking decisions. She understood the fact that no conservative reforms and address to the subjects of the country could provide the order in it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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