The establishment of America was long and controversial, but the nation thrived in justice and liberty - Research Paper Example

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The freedom history of United States can be traced since the first arrival Christopher Columbus in 1942. The unification of different colonies in America was…
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The establishment of America was long and controversial, but the nation thrived in justice and liberty
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Extract of sample "The establishment of America was long and controversial, but the nation thrived in justice and liberty"

Download file to see previous pages It discusses in detail the urge and the constant struggle of the nation to attain liberty and justice extracting ideas and information from the Voice of Freedom by Eric Foner.
The majority of the individuals living in the United States were mainly the farmers and Native Americans (Indians). However, during the time of the exploration most of the European nations migrated to America for trade. The war of the independence initially begins when the different colonies that established in the south and North America because of the migration caused cultural diversity. The demands of the diverse group living in America transformed the meaning of freedom. These groups on their own strived to attain justice and fought for their rights. The peasants fought for their lands and rights, gender discriminations and religious freedom. It is evident during the American Revolution that the demands of equality among the people of America were often question. The peasant and slaves in America were recognized as inferior and had lower socio-economic status in the society. The difference between the privilege of the servants and peasants was embarked to be one of the major issues due to which the people of America strived for justice and independence. Hence, “The liberating Indentured Servant (1784)” was enacted that provided status for the slaves and servants in American Society. Eric states, "a group of respectable New Yorkers proposed to liberate the ship of the African slaves that were brought to America" (Foner 104). These free slaves were provided with a respectable and social status in the society so that they can enjoy their freedom to practice their rights.
Previously, Virginia did not have a stable family structure because of the strict rules for the servants in the tobacco field. Browne (1644) States that Virginia remained to be a society with the high number of single men, widows and orphans rather than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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