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Collection proposal of african art object - Research Paper Example

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Marshall Cavendish Corporation indicates that the Egyptian pyramids are a mystery that the world is yet to fully understand how they were constructed, given the level of enlightenment and technological advancement of the ancient time. Of all the ancient monuments, the…
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Collection proposal of african art object
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"Collection proposal of african art object"

Download file to see previous pages The Marshall Cavendish Corporation states that scientists have found it a mystery to explain the tools that were used to curve the construction stones transport and lift them up during construction. Moreover, the technology that is behind the joinery material for the construction work is yet to be discovered by the modern scientist. The construction of the Egyptian pyramids is a mystery that many generations are yet to uncover. Marshall Cavendish Corporation indicates that many have resorted to using various myths in explaining it, with some suggesting that their existed giants that were responsible for the lifting of construction stones.1
The ancient Egyptians had a strong reverence of the dead; they believed that the human soul and body were very special and important for the existence of humanity as well as in life and death. Mummification and burying of the dead in tombs was widely embraced in the ancient Egypt, this was solely done for assisting the dead find their route to the afterword.2 The ancient Egyptians perfected a tradition of filling the tombs with treasures such of gold, silver and other precious stones, tools, food, and domestic wares. This was aimed at ensuring that the deceased lived a happy life when his or her soul returned to life in the underworld. In other words, the ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, thus the need to prepare for it. The deceased was buried with all necessities for life as a way of guaranteeing the him or her better beginning to the life after death.3 This explains why treasures have been repeatedly discovered in the ancient tombs in Egypt.
The pyramids were also used as tombs, mainly for the royal families. Tombs were prepared early; they were not to be constructed upon an individual’s death as it is in the modern days. The after death life was perceived to be very important, thus the need ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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