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Film History - Term Paper Example

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“We Were Soldiers” is a competent, ultra-violent, and compelling film regarding the Battle of Ia Drang, where an estimated 400 Calvary soldiers are reported to have faced off with 4,000 strong division of the North Vietnamese soldiers. Created in the year 2002, the director…
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Film History
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"Film History"

Download file to see previous pages The movie is composed of mostly two hours of the North Vietnamese soldiers charging towards the American troops, mortar rounds that were meant to disseminate the American lines, as well as the American jets mowing down the fields of the Vietnamese soldiers. One of the things that have been effectively portrayed in the movie is to stage all the actions that took place in away that understandable and comprehensible.
The larger part of the film adheres to the actual events that took place during the historical battle. In the movie, it can be seen that the battles were taking place in several open fields. Even though the battles historically took place within the rough terrain of the Vietnam, the scenes of the battle were in denser bushes. The terrain in Vietnam is naturally dense. A larger part of the Vietnam is covered with dense hence making the visibility limited and consequently leaving limited bald spots within the Vietnam terrain. The film shows several scenes that were shot in the open fields that had little vegetation and whenever there is appearance of vegetation, it is the wrong type when compared with that in Vietnam. Indeed, the film shows vegetations that resembles those in Tahoe or to some extent some of the deciduous forest and not Vietnam. Nonetheless, a critical look at the movie indicates that the only thing that could have been more accurate regarding its setting was the hilly terrain (Schwarzbaum Web). Overall it should be noted that the movie did not perform well in the portrayal of the terrain with accuracy it deserved.
The fighting that is portrayed in the movie is mainly composed of the bombs and firearms. This portraying is pretty much the reality of what took place at the ground that has slightly differed from how it actually took place. This can be partly attributed to the mistake witnessed in the scenery but understandably this could have been difficult to shoot in case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Film History Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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