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During the 20th century, african americans Civil Rights received profound social and cultural change - Essay Example

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However, the state also has the dark side of it that marked a period of discrimination that left black Americans with wounds in their hearts. Black Americans faced a period of racial abuse, military and police…
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During the 20th century, african americans Civil Rights received profound social and cultural change
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"During the 20th century, african americans Civil Rights received profound social and cultural change"

Download file to see previous pages Revolution and other forceful approaches were the best options for the black Americans to express their plights.
In 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. confronted methodological and ideological challenges through advocacy and Civil Rights Movements. The challenges focused on philosophical key tenets that formed the basis of Civil Rights Movement. The first sentiments promoted by the advocates of black power were integration and non-violence. Various SNCC’s and CORE’s black activists advocated re-evaluation of the influence created by civil rights proponents. White advisors as murders of black workers took place without being noticed (Ongiri 102). Ideologies of black activists and tenets of Black Power ideologies prompted a new sense of pride and identity. Consequently, black Americans insisted that America refer to them as Afro-Americans, not as Negroes.
Further, in 1960’s, black Americans boasted of the privilege of adopting a similar dressing code to that of white Americans. The 1963 match to Washington was iconic in the history of advocacy for human rights in America. Organizers from Greenwood Mississippi, Willie Ricks, who swore to enhance Black Power ideologies to a different level in 1966. Ricks instituted, among blacks, the spirit of getting armed and ready for confrontations against white supremacists such as the Ku Klux Klan. As a result, black Americans armed themselves against the Ku Klux Klan armed terrorists and prepared for the worst including death. Finally, the activities of Klan within the community ceased.
In 1966, the existence of Black Panther was a notable influence that prompted reforms. It informed Black Power ideologies and best practices about their broadest public platforms. The Black Panthers advocated through all necessary principles to eliminate and eradicate racial inequality that existed between black and white Americans. Police brutality against black neighborhoods reduced. Leather jackets, light blue shirts, and black power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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