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Why did presidents Ford and Carter lose public confidence - Essay Example

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After Watergate, the American community lost all confidence in the government, and there was a necessity for the successors of President Nixon to regain the trust of the people. It was clear that it would take a great deal of time, and substantial actions for the government to…
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Why did presidents Ford and Carter lose public confidence
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"Why did presidents Ford and Carter lose public confidence"

Download file to see previous pages The main intention of the pardon by President Ford was to move on from the Watergate scandal (Greene, 276-283). However, the people had a different view as they felt this was just an everyday political move. On the other hand, Carter campaigned with the promise of honesty to the citizens, which was well accepted at first and gained him the presidential position. However, his leadership was poorly reflected by his inability
Another reason why President Ford was unable to gain the confidence of the people is that he inherited the economic problems from Nixon’s era, and was also incapable of restoring economic stability in the country. The inflation continued to rise along with the level of unemployment (Greene, 276-283). Furthermore, there was an increment in the interest and regardless of the reduction in taxes; the people were still economically unstable. There was also problems in the foreign interests of the country as in Vietnam the North significantly defeated the South. As mentioned above, Carter gained the confidence of the people through his campaign policy of honesty (Rosenbaum, 331-337). However, there was still an economic crisis in the country. In the addition, there was also a rise in the oil costs which further worsened the situation. Carter made some progress in the form of pioneering many peace treaties; however, we failed to fix the Iranian hostage problem (Rosenbaum, 331-337). There were American hostages that were captured by Islamic terrorists in Iran, and Carter failed to free them, which led to the loss of confidence from the people. Hence, the reason the two presidents lost the confidence of the people is that they unable to resolve the pertaining situations that were affecting the country such as the economy and the high levels of unemployment. In addition, some of the decision making was poor by both presidents, for example, the pardoning of Nixon by Ford when he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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