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Heracles In Euripides - Essay Example

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If Heracles had returned home without saving his friend, Theseus, Lycus might not have had the opportunity to capture his family. Putting a friend over family is…
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Heracles In Euripides
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"Heracles In Euripides"

Download file to see previous pages Hatred allowed the violence that followed toward Lycus. The madness that overtook Heracles is a weakness of the mind. The mentally ill today are treated like villains for having a mental condition. The killing of his family certainly would make Heracles a villain by current standards. Finally, Heracles was a villain for threatening to commit suicide, but then backing out. No one likes a quitter. Today’s standards would paint Heracles as a villain.
Heracles put the needs of Theseus over his family allowed Lycus an opportunity to attack. Today, more marriages suffer from either the man or woman’s friends coming in between them. Theseus was rescued from Hades, but Heracles unknowingly sacrificed his family. Being with a friend, instead of a spouse or family is selfish. When an individual is out helping a friend, but tragedy strikes their family the man can be considered a villain then and now.
During the setting of this play, Heracles can been seen as a hero. He saved Theseus from Hades. It is heroic to save a friend from hell, figuratively and literally. Heracles battled for his friend’s soul. Sacrifice for one’s friend is a virtuous act. For saving a friend during the play’s setting, Heracles was a hero at that time.
The sight of Heracles’ family in death masks were overwhelming for him emotionally. Love for his family incapacitated him. After finding out Lycus took power and captured his family hatred took over. Love made Heracles act quickly without thinking. The first thought of killing Lycus was barbaric. Violence should never be the answer. If this had happened today, Heracles would have been put in jail. Villains use violence. Sometimes it takes a hero to stop the violence. Heracles was not that hero.
A long time ago Heracles would have been considered a hero for killing his family’s attempted assassin. Justice was given by men, not courts back then. Protecting his father and wife would have been a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Heracles In Euripides Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Heracles In Euripides Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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