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Analytical Review of Old South, New South, or Down South:Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement - Book Report/Review Example

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S. Winsboro, the book ‘Old south, New south, or Down South?: Florida and the modern civil rights movements’ shades light on the illusion, image, and reality behind Florida’s obscured story of racial violence and discrimination. The introduction of the…
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Analytical Book Review of Old South, New South, or Down South:Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
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“the studies here also address a generally recurring assumption in both academic as well as popular discourse that Florida has always been more progressive in race relations than its southern neighbors” (Irvin 2009, 1).
The book aims at providing an explanation on how the state of Florida emerged from the modern civil rights movement with a character for progression and tolerance yet it was shrouded with a racist and violent history. A collection of nine essays, the book aims to conceptualize the civil rights reputation of the otherwise known Sunshine state. It explores multiple points of view from different authors on racially instigated events such as political stonewalling, black agency, and racial assaults. Through its essays, the book serves to dissect local, isolated acts of rebellion which uncover the often overlooked old south attitude towards race in the Sunshine State.
Leonard R. Lempel’s essay, ‘Toms and Bombs’ supports the editor’s claim about the hidden story on racial discrimination and violence in Florida. Lempel’s essay explores how the continued divisions along the conventional Old South Fault lines show the limitations of change brought by the struggle for civil rights in Daytona Beach2. He aims at showing Daytona Beach shares many Old south, New South, and Down South attributes with other communities in Florida. In his essay, the author provides a historical background of racial relations in Daytona Beach which shows the quiet racial violence and discrimination that existed in the community. Lempel notes that when he moved to Daytona Beach in 1980, the obvious signs of segregation such as public schools, parks, playing grounds, and movie theaters that defined the Jim Cow era had already been concealed. Blacks and whites appeared integrated on the surface. However, he also notes that beyond the obvious signs of racial progress; underneath still lay continued racial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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