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Compare and contrast at least two world views (religions and/ or philosophies) that we examined in class and explain which one you found most useful or meaningful - Essay Example

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The followers of Christianity are regarded as Christians and they often believe Christ is the son of God, who walked on earth as “the Father.” Majority of the…
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Compare and contrast at least two world views (religions and/ or philosophies) that we examined in class and explain which one you found most useful or meaningful
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"Compare and contrast at least two world views (religions and/ or philosophies) that we examined in class and explain which one you found most useful or meaningful"

Download file to see previous pages According to (Douglass 3), both Christians and Muslims believe that God made an agreement with Abraham to believe in one God as well as to worship only Him. They also believe that God obliged Abraham to teach his generation the practice of worship, and as a reward for that, God will preserve, protect as well as multiply his generation on earth. According to the scriptures of both Muslims and Christians, Abraham was told that his offspring will become the fathers of the nation. The story of Abraham is expressed in the book of Genesis as well as Qur’an 2:131.
All monotheistic religions, Muslim and Christianity, believe that God used to and still communicate with people through specific people, the prophets. Observers of Abrahamic religions (Muslims and Christians) believe that God presented Himself to prophets since the creation of man. Muslims and Christians also believe that God uses His angels in passing messengers to people. Unlike Christians who do not accept Muhammad as a prophet, Muslims believe that Muhammad was one of the prophets. According to them, Muhammad was the last prophet to whom God revealed Himself.
Another common concept between Muslims and Christians is the Messiah. Christians believed and still believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and He is the son of God, who descended to earth to redeem human beings from wrongdoings. They believe that Jesus compensated all human sins through suffering and death. Just like Christians, Muslims also believe in Jesus as the Messiah. However, they do not believe that he is the son of God. Additionally, they do not believe that God did not allow Jesus to suffer in the hands of human beings. According to (Douglass 5) “both Christians and Muslim believe that Jesus was raised up to God.” Unlike Muslims, however, Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected. Additionally, Christians and Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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