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However, I respect the views of my people who want this country to be run by a democratic constitution. While giving in to the crowd’s demand, I would like to have the following…
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Monarch’s Key Powers Under The New Constitution Being a Monarch gives me the ultimate ity to decide in what way I want to run my country. However, I respect the views of my people who want this country to be run by a democratic constitution. While giving in to the crowd’s demand, I would like to have the following three powers under the new democratic constitution:
1. The Prime Minister would be elected amongst a list of candidates for the post put forward by the Monarch: This would give me the power to make sure the person who runs the democracy is selected by me , which would indirectly ensures that only people who are loyal to be can hold the position. This move would mean I would retain all powers & the Prime Minister would just be a dummy position.
2. The Chief of Army would be working directly under the Monarch and be solely responsible to him: With the Army working directly under me, my command would determine when and whom to wage a war against. This clause could turn in helpful if crowds turn up again in the future and make an unreasonable demand against my position.
3. The Monarch would hold the ultimate authority to make new laws and such laws cannot be challenged in the Parliament: With all the power making remaining in my hands, no law which could cut down my authority or limit my powers can be drafted. This means no one can limit my powers since the central power making authority vests with me. Read More
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