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How would you describe the expansion of the United States between 1783 and 1840s - Research Paper Example

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It was first used in 1845 by john O’Sullivan to express the belief and attitude of Americans towards expanding civilization and institutions (Joy 89)…
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How would you describe the expansion of the United States between 1783 and 1840s
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"How would you describe the expansion of the United States between 1783 and 1840s"

Download file to see previous pages The expansion that took place in the period between 1783 and 1840 is the reason behind the large size of the USA and its current strong economic position. Is also led to the end of slave trade in the USA
The first expansion of the USA took place in 1783 after the treaty of Paris which brought to an end the revolutionary war. England agreed to the claims of the Americans to own the southern land which included the great lakes and the Mississippi river (Rothman 57). The Americans were not successful in getting the Gulf of Mexico, and it remained under ownership of Spain. The next expansion of the United States took place in 1787 whereby the US expanded with the Northwest ordinance of 1787 (Rothman 116). This ordinance established the Northwest Territory, which covered states such as of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The expansion is renowned for having banned slavery in the north of Ohio River.
In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson talked terms of the purchase of the French claims on the Louisiana territory which they had previously obtained from the Spain. The negotiations were secret, and it is believed that the president purchased the territory at a price of $15million. The land purchased included the western half of the Mississippi river, and it doubled the initial size of the USA. The purchase also extended to the Gulf of Mexico, which was very productive in agriculture. Settler’s movement to the Louisiana territory raised the question of slave trade. The settlers applied for statehood after reaching a number of 60000 and in 1819, it officially became a slave state (Morgan 34).
Before 1810, the country had occupied most parts of the Mississippi river but had little control over its mouth which was located in the Spanish Florida (Shelly 239). In 1810, the United States seized the western part of Florida, and it led to the outbreak of war between the Spaniards and the Americans (Smith 17). However, the Spaniards relented since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Would You Describe the Expansion of the United States Between 1783 Research Paper.
“How Would You Describe the Expansion of the United States Between 1783 Research Paper”, n.d.
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