Why was the Civil War so much bloodier than America's previous wars What did the North want, and what strategy did it use to win the war What did the South want, and how did it plan to achieve its goals Isn't there any way the United States - Essay Example

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Factors that played roles in the four-year period of bloodshed are numerous, top of which are social and economic differences…
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Why was the Civil War so much bloodier than Americas previous wars What did the North want, and what strategy did it use to win the war What did the South want, and how did it plan to achieve its goals Isnt there any way the United States
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"Why was the Civil War so much bloodier than America's previous wars What did the North want, and what strategy did it use to win the war What did the South want, and how did it plan to achieve its goals Isn't there any way the United States"

Download file to see previous pages The war had serious repercussions on both the South and the North. Military rule was instated on the South, a situation that saw to its subdivision into several military districts (Gallagher 23). The economic damages that the war had on the nation called for restructuring of the economy, a process that took place a time referred to as the reconstruction. Consequently, the nation was reunited as the consent of cession was not given to the Southerners.
Considered to be the bloodiest war ever in the history of America, the war claimed so many lives, both civilian and in combat. It had so many participants, including women whose participation was to a great extent very secret and the African-Americans as well, who made up 10%of the Union army Gallagher 50). The civil war claimed over six hundred thousand lives, most of whom were lost not through the bullet, but to diseases. The rate of killings in the war was so high and incomparable to any other in the American history. The Shiloh battle that lasted two days only claimed so many Americans, a tune never witnessed before or after. A days deaths could amount to as high as twelve thousand, the kind that was witnessed in Antietam. A moving scenario in which seven thousand lost their lives within a time frame of just twenty minutes was witnessed in Virginia. The war was not just on the battlefield but also off the field, as officers of the same team tore and shot and each other over disputes concerning rank, loyalty and interests.
Prior to the Civil war, American prison camps had always held way less than a hundred war prisoners. This was not the case while the civil war as camps started holding prisoners to the tune of tens of thousands. For instance, forty thousand prisoners were held in the camp of Georgia. War prisoners lost their lives in worrying populations resulting from poor care in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Why was the Civil War so much bloodier than America's previous wars Essay”, n.d.)
Why was the Civil War so much bloodier than America's previous wars Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1664423-why-was-the-civil-war-so-much-bloodier-than-americas-previous-wars-what-did-the-north-want-and-what-strategy-did-it-use-to-win-the-war-what-did-the-south-want-and-how-did-it-plan-to-achieve-its-goals-isnt-there-any-way-the-united-states
(Why Was the Civil War so Much Bloodier Than America'S Previous Wars Essay)
Why Was the Civil War so Much Bloodier Than America'S Previous Wars Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1664423-why-was-the-civil-war-so-much-bloodier-than-americas-previous-wars-what-did-the-north-want-and-what-strategy-did-it-use-to-win-the-war-what-did-the-south-want-and-how-did-it-plan-to-achieve-its-goals-isnt-there-any-way-the-united-states.
“Why Was the Civil War so Much Bloodier Than America'S Previous Wars Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1664423-why-was-the-civil-war-so-much-bloodier-than-americas-previous-wars-what-did-the-north-want-and-what-strategy-did-it-use-to-win-the-war-what-did-the-south-want-and-how-did-it-plan-to-achieve-its-goals-isnt-there-any-way-the-united-states.
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