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Germen Cilivization --The Holocaust - Essay Example

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When recounting the world’s major traumatic events in history, this paper supports that the Holocaust is a unique occurrence unparalleled by other crimes in human history. In efforts to try and define the actions of the collaborators and Nazis after the Second World War,…
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Germen Cilivization --The Holocaust
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"Germen Cilivization --The Holocaust"

Download file to see previous pages The requirement of religious conversion compared to the compulsion that Turkish nationality was the only accepted guiding ideological principle prior to the Armenian Genocide (Haperen, Have and Kierman 48). However, failure of the Jews to convert to Christianity heightened hatred and fear that translated into what became known as racial anti-Semitism driven by unconfirmed biological theories. Based on Dalton (4) German National Socialism (Nazism) made anti-Semitism an integral part of them arguing that the history of humans was determined by biological struggle amongst populations of different racial backgrounds. Additionally, the Nazis proceeded to view the Jews as the driving force behind communism internationally. The Nazis also referred to the Jews as responsible for finance capital that drove the world to impoverishment and economic crisis. Jews to the Germans were a potential danger just like the United States had viewed the Germans, Japanese, and Italians. In reiteration, the Nazis stripped off from the Jews their rights, dispossessed their property, forced them to live in communities, and deported as well as mistreated them. For instance, failure to convert to Christianity led to the renunciation of rights and defense under the law. Consequently, the Jews were annihilated because of their cultural, social, religious, and ethnic attributes all in for the reason that they were the cause of Germans’ misfortunes, and that whether they converted to Christianity or were born in Germany, they remained Jews and not true Germans to be spared from the war (256-257).
In order to define Germany as a pure racial community, Hitler introduced racial policy and foreign policy (Fulbrook 189-190) as described in the Mein Kampf book in 1924. Through the racial policy, Hitler established laws and policies for implementation of the Nazis and that regarded the Aryan race or master race as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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