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Wilsons fourteen points - Essay Example

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The Wilson’s fourteen points has been a source of controversy for many historians, war analysts and foreign policy commentators, who observe that this in initiative had both intended and unintended consequences both on the Allied and the central powers during the World War I…
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Wilsons fourteen points
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"Wilsons fourteen points"

Download file to see previous pages erves that the Wilson’s fourteen points were the hallmark of the American democratic intervention in a situation that would have otherwise precipitated more turmoil and suffering to the whole world, should the USA have decide to take up arms and join either side of the war, as opposed to negotiating a peaceful agreement between the warring parties in World War I (Ignatius, n.p.). Therefore, the two authors agree that the Wilson’s fourteen points were a major milestone towards the realization of the end to war faster that it would have otherwise happened, had the Wilson’s fourteen points not intervened to create an avenue for the warring parties to reach an agreeable settlement. The Wilson’s fourteen points gave Germany a leeway to come out of the World War I without much shame of defeat, owing to the fact that after realizing that Germany was facing an eminent defeat, the German leadership quickly convened the German parliament (Reichstag), and rallied it to agree to the proposals of the Wilson’s fourteen points (Henig, n.p.). This move was certainly meant to make Germany appear as if they simply agreed to the peace settlement mechanism offered through proposed Wilson’s fourteen points, rather than appearing to have surrendered to defeat. In agreement, David Ignatius contends that the Wilson’s fourteen points was an inspiration to the warring parties that felt victimized during the World War I to come out as winners too, owing to the fact that Wilson’s fourteen points had been crafted such that the overall effect of the World War I would not create a clear winner or loser (Ignatius, n.p.). The Wilson’s fourteen points seemed attractive to the Central powers side in the war, owing to the fact that the proposal appeared to be a bit more lenient, when compared to the subsequent terms and conditions of punishment that would have been issued to Germany and its supporters by both France and Britain, on the event that the war was fought to the end and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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