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Death of Stalin and Soviet Succession - Essay Example

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The health of the Soviet Union leader deteriorated in 1953 since he suffered cerebral hemorrhage and he died at the age of 73.1 The death of the leader saw the nation plunge in chaos due to a purported scheme to kill the leader. Three leaders that were Stalin critics during his…
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Death of Stalin and Soviet Succession
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"Death of Stalin and Soviet Succession"

Download file to see previous pages Malenkov emphasized on consumer goods production that saw the reduction of the tax payments by the peasants as well as the collective farm policy. Nikita thought also of an agricultural policy and this led him to develop the virgin lands. Nikita forged alliances with other parties to strengthen his position and he forced Malenkov to resign since he was party less. Nikita achieved as the successor of Stalin where he revived the party apparatus and reasserted control over the military, state security, and the state ministers.
Kim Donggil account is that the Soviets took way North Korean properties such as food and factories left by the Japanese and the issue led to the Korean War. According to the author, Stalin did not like the presence of China or America in Korea since he had interests in the country. Stalin approved Kim II Sung attack on the Republic of Korea to guarantee Soviet political and economic interests in Korea while avoiding a direct clash with America in the region. Stalin actions were to advance Soviet interests in the sphere of influence to demand postwar strategic plan while avoiding the precipitation of Third World War. Stalin abandoned the pursuit of cooperation while he acted to tighten Soviet control in Eastern Europe.
Shen Zhihua declares that Moscow need to know the American military apparatus, weapon stockpiles, troop dispositions, and atomic armaments. Moscow dispatched a Soviet doctor to spy on Mao Tse-tung while treating the Chinese red boss.2 The Soviet planned to collaborate with Korean once they realized that American troops had under strength and poor equipments in the country. Moscow assumed that United States had no chance of sending reinforcements in Korea. To guide a Soviet-Korean operation, Moscow dispatched 10,000 Russian officers and military supplies at Manchuria so that they can observe United States tactics to enable them plan on the enemy combative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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